Carolina Montoya Pelaez, Unique Designer's Cake Owner

Carolina Montoya

When I used to watch my favorite show at food network, I realized how I could combine my architectural background with my culinary skills and turn them into a UNIQUE edible piece.
I felt that by joining these two creative outlets I was able to create an unforgettable piece of art which would please my friends, family and people in general. It is with this feeling how Unique Designer’s Cake was born.

I went through the evolution of being an Architect specialist in scale models, a kitchen enthusiast and true fan of the best culinary delights to a cake designer and baker.

To successfully complete my evolution, I was joined by my husband who is also an architect and who has the same passion for scale models, and last but not least, who used to be the “chef” in his boy scout’s adventures.

We have a passion for striking textural art and architectural pieces and adding a sweet creative feeling to match it.

Due to our extensive scale model maker experience we are able to bring to our cakes a level of attention to detail unseen anywhere else.

When people see our cakes full of color, vibrancy and warmth there is a contagious energy that fills the room.

The attention to detail is like no other and people acknowledge that. It is impossible to see this kind of precision and detail with any regular baker or cake decorator.

This is the way we express how we live and the way we design every UNIQUE cake.