Quarantine cakes are our answer to this difficult times...
we truly believe there is always a way to celebrate and keep the fun with our loved ones!
Order any of this cakes available in vanilla flavor you can pick your favorite filling.
We can deliver it for you or just come to curbside pick up at our store !

Please, see How To Cut Your Cake and our cake sizes.

Quarantine Cakes (Pick and Order!)

  • Emoji quarantine Cakes

    Emijo quarantine Cake

    Ref: P10


    10 servings

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  • Poop quarantine Cakes

    Poop quarantine Cake

    Ref: P9


    12 servings

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  • Clean kit quarantine Cakes

    Clean kit Cake

    Ref: P8


    15 servings

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  • Virus Covid pandemic Cakes

    Virus Covid Cake

    Ref: P7


    10 servings

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  • Kit Stay Safe pandemic Cakes

    Kit Stay Safe Cake

    Ref: P6


    15 servings

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  • Toilet Paper pandemic Cakes

    Toilet Paper Cake

    Ref: P5


    15 servings


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  • Stay at Home quarantine Cakes

    Stay at Home Cake

    Ref: P4


    10 servings


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  • Papel Higienico quarantine Cakes

    Toilet Paper Cake + Cupcakes

    Ref: P3

    $69.99 - 15 Servings

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  • Lysol pandemic Cakes

    Pandemic Lysol Cake Blue

    Ref: P2


    10 servings


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  • Lysol pandemic Cakes

    Pandemic Lysol Cake

    Ref: P1


    20 servings

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